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At 3S Antriebe GmbH, we strive to implement concepts for sustainable and efficient water management. Our product range not only enables us to automate buried distribution grids, but also to make them intelligent. From completely self-sufficient electric actuators (3S 300 D & 3S 500 D) to intelligent slide turning devices (3S AIG XS) - with 3S drives it is possible to optimize your workflow even more

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3S multi-turn actuators & AIG mobile

3S 300 D multi-turn actuator

The 3S 300 D in 125 Nm or 60 Nm versions is ideal for automating valves with smaller nominal widths.

Due to the compact pack size, low installation depths are sufficient to automate valves, flaps and ball valves inexpensively and also retroactively.

3S 500 D multi-turn actuator

The 3S 500 D is the ideal actuator for buried valves and ball valves with gear, slide with countershaft and slide without countershaft up to DN 400. Thanks to its flexible configuration, the available power of the 3S 500 D can be perfectly adapted to the respective setting task up to a peak torque of 550 Nm.


The 3S AIG XS is designed as a handy valve maintenance device and completes the product range of the mobile 3S actuators. At 5.5 kg, it is significantly lighter and smaller than its predecessor, the 3S AIG, and is available in three versions with a peak output of up to 900 Nm. With the corresponding accessories, up to 1,800 Nm can be achieved.